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Tell Her Lyrics

[Intro and Chorus with add Lips: Tanto Metro]
Now this is a straight up argument, yuh nuh (Tell her that you want her)
Yuh done know when it come on to the girls dem (Tell her that you need her)
Yow, yuh know yuh fi tell yuh girl, what's up
(Tell her that you'll give her, everything she said to be we)
Wah, Who, Ba, Cha, Yeah, Tanto Metro & Devonté

Tell her that you want her, (Tell her that you want her)
Tell her that you need her, (Tell her that you need her)
Tell her that you'll give her, everything she said to be we

[Verse 1: Tanto]
Say she don't understand it, that's why she shouting out damn it
Why can't love come mek she plan it, it's so ironic
Why just love shone jus to vanish, living and looking astonish
But I'm not a playa, so yuh know love always deh yah
I neva let love go astray-a, I'm no betray-a
Is not only words mi a say-a, mi tell all di lord inna pray-a


[Verse 2: Tanto]
Don't yuh know yuh a my thing and a nuh hype thing
You a do all di right thing, (Hey)
Although it a di in thing, yuh see di ring thing
No, mi nuh inna di swing thing, (Hoo)
You will neva be a victim, of a fling thing
Pimping nuh inna mi system, (So)
>From yuh hear di bell a ring, ping, It a di real thing
Marriage in front di gathering


[Verse 3: Devonté]
Tell her that you want her, that you need her
Just to love her right now
Tell her she's the only one your hear beats
Like a rhythm for now
Tell her she's the sweetest and the neatest
And her beauty speaks out
Tell her she can always, always count on you
To feel the need now
Add Lips: Tanto Metro

[Chorus x2: until finish]

Song writer(s): Mark Anthony Wolfe, Wayne Burton Jerome Passley, Handel Tucker

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