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The Know How Lyrics

Car needs an oil changeBedroom needs a coat of paint
My mind needs a scene change
I'm sick of where I've been
I'm in front of the TV
Spittin out sunflower seeds
Hidin from the landlord
Who's comin for my rent
I'm all out of money
And I'm all out of time
I'm all out of patience right now
And I'd get it together
If I could
But I just don't know how

There was nothin' in the brochure
To warn me of the danger
I'd have on this adventure'
When I got out of my bed
My landlord's knockin'
Knockin' like an engine
Rockin' like the pistons
Inside of my head
Every stray can find his way back
If he's got a road map
I'll stop and get directions
Or I just might disappear
There's got to be a better stop
Than livin' life through a pawn shop
I've got somethin' inside of me
And nothin' left here

Song writer(s): Terri Hendrix
Official Terri Hendrix website: www.terrihendrix.com

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Terri Hendrix - Wilory Farm
is the track #8 from the album Wilory Farm which is released on 1997. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 1997 Wilory Records
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