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Gettin' Better Lyrics

(Keith, Hannon)

Fallin’ rain
Outside my window
But all and all I know
It's gettin' better every day

Soon the sun will shine
Through my window
When it's gonna come
Ya know I really I couldn't say
Ah but I know
It's gettin' better every day

Ah it's gettin' better now
Every day
Yeah yeah ye-ah yeah

I'm a hard workin' man
Doin' all that I can
Tryin' to make ends meet
Just a makin' my way
Through the jungle today
It's gettin' the best of me

But I know it’s gettin' better
And a change is gonna come my way
Yes I know it's gettin' better
Better every day
Uh huh yeah

Been a change in the scene
If ya know what I mean
Good things are comin' my way
And now I'm livin' my life
And I’m doin' it right
Sun shinin' every day

I can feel it gettin' better
And a change is gonna come my way
Yes I feel it gettin' better
Better every day-ay yeah yeah


Now it's only gettin' better ow
And a change is finally come my way
Yes it's already so much better
Oh-- gettin' better every day yeah-eah
Ah-ah yeah yeah yeah

Getting’ Better
Oww every day
I feel it feel it
Gettin' better

It’s Gettin’ Better
A Gettin’ Better
A Gettin’ Better

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Tesla - Mechanical Resonance
is the track #3 from the album Mechanical Resonance which is released on 1986. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1986 Geffen Records Inc
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