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Rock Me To The Top Lyrics

(Keith, Skeoch)

You gotta see him, are you ready, to take me in and rock me steady
Feel the power, feel the heat, put yourself in the driver's seat

You're in the air, I feel you surround me
I'll do anything that you wanna do - come on!

Rock me, rock me (rock), rock me to the top, to the top, baby
Rock me, rock me (rock), don't ever stop, no

I'll take command, take control, now I see you comin' back for more
I see you like it, but you don't need it, oooh, you wanna feel it

I'm in the air, feel me surround me
I'll do anything that I want you to - come on!



Rock me, rock me (rock), rock me to the top, [says you looked hot] to the top
Rock me, rock me (rock), ohh baby don't you stop
(Rock) I wanna feel the air, the air, wanna feel the air (rock)
I wanna feel the air tonight, can you feel the air, ow!

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Tesla - Mechanical Resonance
is the track #5 from the album Mechanical Resonance which is released on 1986. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1986 Geffen Records Inc
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