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Our Wasted Lives Lyrics

Hey kids,
There's no romance in fate
You'll go far

Because all the one night stands
Could be within your hands

Here comes the hard sell from the top:
Used to sleep walk but I woke up
Felt emptier than a suburban swimming pool in the fall

Wait. I noticed today I've let years slip by. I don't know why.

It's not like I've got time on my side
It's not like I've got time on my side
Who will testify
For our wasted lives

Hey kids,
You've been type cast all your lives
but no more.

Guardian angels
should be ashamed of themselves

Here comes the hard sell from the top:
Lose faith in fate

Song writer(s): Daniel Patrick Ryan, Kevin Horan, Padraic Garrett Mcmahon, Ben Carrigan, Conor Deasy

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