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Ballroom Blitz Lyrics

Oh it's been getting so
Hard livin' with the
Things you do to me

My dreams are getting so
Strange I'd like to tell
You everything I see

I see a man at the back
As a matter of fact his
Eyes are red as the sun
And a girl in the corner
Let no one ignore her
Cause she thinks she's
The passionate one

Oh yeah it was like
Lightning everybody was
Frightening and the
Music was soothing and
They all started grooving

Yeah (5x) and the man at
The back said everyone
Attack and it turned into
A ballroom blitz and the
Girl in the corner said
Boy I wanna warn ya it'll
Turn into a ballroom
Blitz (2x)

I'm reaching out for
Something touching
Nothing's all I ever do
Oh I softly call you
Over when you appear
There's nothing left of

Aha now the man in the
Back is ready to crack as
He raises his hands to
The sky and the girl in
The corner is ev'ryone's
Mourner she could kill
You with a wink of her

Oh yeah it was electric
So frightfully hectic and
The band started leaving
Cause they all stopped

Oh yeah it was like
Lightning everybody was
Frightening and the music
Was soothing and they all
Started grooving

And the man at the back
Said everyone attack and
It turned into a ballroom
Blitz and the girl in the
Corner said boy I wanna
Warn ya it'll turn into a
Ballroom blitz (2x)

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