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Of all the sins in all the world the worst of all is
But it’s the one oh my love we don’t see till we die
How swiftly do we wreak such harm on the ones we love
The scars and weals that we inflict we shoot the hearts
of doves
It is not simply men who are cast out from the sky
But angels to have fallen inflicted by pride
For as we walk as blind men losing every love
Breaking hearts of angels shooting hearts of doves
You proudly swagger flying like a bird
With pride you will be shot down a maggot ridden turd
A rotting cadaver pride will eat your love
There is no greater cost than pride we shoot the hearts
of doves

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Tiger Lillies - Seven Deadly Sins
is the track #3 from the album Seven Deadly Sins which is released on 2008-03-18. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2008 Misery Guts Music Ltd
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