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Mama's Little Man Lyrics

Oh honey look at him he's learned how to sieg heil
Hand me down the sewing pins I need to hem his veil
And then I'll starch his pointy hat oh he'll be quite a
In his first white bed sheet suit at the klan rally

Mama's little man is a member of the klan
He'll goosestep 'round a burnin' cross and kick you in
the shin
Mama's little man is a member of the klan
Sucking on a lollypop with mein kampf in his hand

Oh what is the cause of this ol' mother's tears of joy
To see the soul of dixieland inside her little boy
He'll reign terror over you if you've a dusky face
Of course that is his desire born of the master race

If don't occur to me that I ain't got no teeth
And my little golden boy is as inbred as can be
And in a nazi state we would be on the slate
Among the first to execute and then incinerate

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Tilt - Viewers Like You
is the track #10 from the album Viewers Like You which is released on 1999-08-10. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 1999 Fat Wreck Chords
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