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Hologram Lyrics

Change your name
change your life
go ahead, do what you like
i don't care
i don't care
time is out
your credits up
you used it all
yeah, this will stop right here
i don't care
but you don't understand
(well) catch me if you can. yeah...
what do you want
what do you got
what do you need
i don't give a damn
i'm a hologram
what do you want
what do you feel
what do you need
i don't give a damn
i'm a hologram, hologram
i hear you talk
bout you and me
of all the things that used to be
but my dear...
i (st ill) don't care
you're reaching out your hands
well, touch me if you can, yeah...
i remember thinking we belong together
i told you let 's just run
and leave this town forever
it 's so sad
you gone bad
and there is nothing i can do

Song writer(s): Martin Sandberg, Tony Cornelissen, Per Aldeheim
Official Tobias Regner website: www.regner-musik.de

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Tobias Regner - Straight
is the track #4 from the album Straight which is released on 2006-04-28. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2006 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (GERMANY) GmbH
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