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Chained to the table, stuck in a rut
Drinking tea with sugar in a plastic cup
I know every brick in the wall outside
Never been so bored in all of my life

I'm sitting in a prison
D-d-down in a dungeon
That's what I am

I listen to the rattle of the railway track
Wanna leave this place and never come back
I'm sat here looking at the fire escape
I just can't wait till visiting day (on a Friday night)

Just sitting in a prison
D-d-down in a dungeon
Sitting in prison
D-d-down in a dungeon

I know this prison like the back of my hand
How can I make you understand
There's bars on the window, neon light
Electric fencing, dogs outside
I'm sat here watching you talk to me
Through a plate glass window you can't see
I wanna come out and make love to you
Oh but I've got another ten years to do

Sitting in a prison
D-d-down in a dungeon - that's what I am
Sitting in prison
Down in a dungeon

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Tom Robinson - War Baby: Hope and Glory
is the track #2 from the album War Baby: Hope and Glory which is released on 1984. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 1984 Castaway Northwest
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