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Where The Dream Begins Lyrics

Capo 2

(C) (F) (C) (G) (C)

What happened to the kid in the (F)baseball (C)cap?
Well he’s trying to get home but I (G)think he lost the
What happened to the kid with the (F)braces on his
He had an autographed picture of Mu(G)hammad (C)Ali
He’s just a (F)wise-assed, buck-toothed, (Bb)near-
sighted fool (F)
Always (C)staring at the girls in the (G)swimming
(F)Thirty years later and he’s (Bb)staring again (F)
He’s (C)searching for the place where the (G)dreams
Searching for the (Am)place where the dream be(Dm)gins

Then he bought a bunch of records and he (F)heard a man
He said if I could write a song I be(G)lieve I’d be a
But it took him twenty years un(F)til he got the
He’s got boxes full of papers and (G)papers full of
And the (F)words fly away like (Bb)swallows on the
But they (C)never flew back to the (G)nest a(C)gain
Never took him to the (Am)place where the dream


Then he finally got married and he (F)had two little
But he didn’t see ‘em much cause he (G)had to see the
And the lie that he told ‘em is I’m (F)like most (C)men
It’s always down the road that the (G)dream be(C)gins
And the (F)girls grew up to be (Bb)pretty and wise (F)
They said “you (C)could have seen the dream by
(G)looking in our (C)eyes
(F)You were always living in the (Bb)world of pretend
You kept (C)running away from (F)where the dream
Running a(Am)way from where the dream be(Dm)gins" (C)

Now he’s living with a woman out on (F)Borderland
But her love’s turned bitter, and her (G)eyes turned
She said we came to the desert, let the (F)sickness
But Hell ain’t the place where the (G)dreams be(C)gin
(F)Look out boys I’m (Bb)gaining on you (F)
He’s old (C)Blind Joe Death in his (G)alligator
He’s got a (F)pocket full of pills and a (Bb)pint of
sloe gin (F)
He’s gonna (C)show you to the place where the (G)dream
Follow him (Am)down where the dream be(Dm)gins


At the end of the road there ain’t (F)nothing but
Just a big old room with a (G)big old (C)mirror
And the man in the mirror his (F)hair’s turning (C)gray
And his hands begin to shake in a (G)funny kind of
He’s knows (F)everything you bring for to (Bb)save you
soul (F)
(C)Everything denied will con(G)demn you to the (C)hole
With his (F)hand on his heart he (Bb)picks up his pen
He goes (C)searching for the place where the (G)dream
Looking for the (Am)place where the dream be(Dm)gins

What happened to the kid in the (F)baseball (C)cap?
He’s trying to get home but I (G)think he’s lost the


Song writer(s): Tom Russell
Official Tom Russell website: www.tomrussell.com

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Tom Russell - Borderland
is the track #4 from the album Borderland which is released on 2001-04-17. Genre: Country | Record Label: 2001 Hightone Records a division of Shout Factory LLC, 2042 A Armacost Ave , Los Angeles, CA 90025 All Rights Reserved
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