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Surrender Lyrics

Care free or lost?
Has she forgotten
How to dream?
The silence inside
Is growing so loud...

'Where're the dreams
Worth dreaming?
The friends worth keeping?
The future
That's worth the ride?
What are the things
Worth knowing?
There must be a better
Version of ourselves
Somewhere inside
Deep inside
We must know
Wrong from right
Or maybe we're just waiting
To find out who we are

{Wait for your chance to fly}

Inside our walls
Trapped but contented
A past forgotten
A future stalled
A fast gain
A fast ride
Without goals,
Without pride
Without care
For what is right
Oh how we cry
Every time
Our chains are undone...

And beyond
Our treasured delusions
And when we find
Our fame & fortune
Finally gone
What's left
Is who we really are
Behind our masks
Deep inside
True and right

The answers aren't hard to find
Just dare to live
'Cause 'every heartbeat
Is a universe of possibilities...'

And your heart
May get broken
And your path
May lead nowhere
But you know you must go
Where your heart leads you
'Cause love and loss
Go hand in hand
Leave your fears behind
Surrender to the tide
Of life
Surrender to the tide...

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To-mera - Exile
is the track #7 from the album Exile which is released on 2012-09-24. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2012 Illusionary Records
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