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Oh lord
Why did you make me (human) human
I've gotta laugh
I've gotta cry
I've got to live whoa
I've got to die (human)

And,oh lord,
Why why did you make me human?
I've got the best girl in the world,
But make her understand that I'm only a man.

When I made the tears fall from her eyes
Forgive me 'cause I apologize
Oh!and when I break her heart
And tear it all apart
Forgive me I'm only human

And oh lord
Why why did you make me (human) human
I've gotta work every day
So little love so little pay

And I'm just human
Mmm I'm just human

Song writer(s): Luther Dixon
Official Tommy Hunt website: www.tommyhunt.co.uk

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Tommy Hunt - I Just Don
is the track #7 from the album I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself which is released on 1962. Genre: R&B/Soul | Record Label: Gusto Records, Inc , Nashville, Tennessee
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