Oh I saw you last night, and boys trust she was too fine
She showed me how to act on a new level class as I
Tick tocked time away on her hour glass

Why won't you pick up your phone, I'm freaking out I'm so
Alone just pick up your god damn dog and bone

All the boys and all the girls like to play their stupid
Games which messes with your brain

Oh I saw you last night as you stepped into the
Ring to take our final fight.one hit to the heart
And a drop kick to the head left me feeling pretty
Blue inside my empty bed

And I want to rewind to the start
Where boy meets girl, nobody's hurt I learn your lips with
Every kiss.and I think I made a big mistake, I called you a tart
And you slapped me in the face.and my heart begins to break
Crushing happy memories I thought I had of you and me
And I made another big mistake sorry boy you ain't
My charm no happy family we will make

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Tonight Is Goodbye - Castles - EP
is the track #1 from the album Castles - EP which is released on 2008-07-06. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2008 Banquet Records under licence from Got Got Need Records
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