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Knocking On Your Door Lyrics

Knocking on your door

Last night we met for the first time.
And when I asked you to dance
the thought of finding romance was far from my mind.
Strangers that fade through together, our bodies swayed to the song.
The music played on and on
we danced for ever.
I held you closer and closer.
A message sent from my heart was saying: We'll never part.
I'd never loved anybody till then.
I thank the heavens above for sending me your sweet love.
I'll be knocking on your door, begging you for more.
I wonna hold you to me
Release the passion that's running through me.

I'll be knocking on your door, I'll be back for more.
I can't exist without you , there's things about you
I just adore.

I can't believe how I've found you.
I'm on a pink carousel inside a magical spell floating around you,
I've never had this reaction.
The things you do hyptnotize and when I look in your eyes, there's wild attraction.
Memories of last night won't leave me.
So many things that I miss, the special way that you kiss good night.
I try to dream I was holding you tight.
I've lots of love to give
and now I know where you live.

I'll be knocking on your door..........

Song writer(s): Jack White, Charles Vincent Blackwell
Official Tony Christie website: www.tonychristie.com

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