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Hey Love Lyrics

Hey love... that’s what they holla when I come around
Hey love... smooth kid, skin coco brown
Hey love... I’m ice cold in the summer’s day
Hey love... ya same shorty from around the way

1,2 1,2 who got more style than Q do
Who blew millions of minds with rhyme voodoo
Smooth shorty, 5'7" with the brown complexion
Main contender, I’m challengin two perfections
Hawaiian wax, sexin, Jamaican inspirations
Red ink, bleed slow, then it burn like Jason
Went from boys to men, from toys to benz
I heard you went back to school and forced lil boys to
True, Hannibal lecter with my metaphors
Steady scramblin brains, is how I end a course
Intellectual discourses, verbal intercourse
Sendin smooth talkers for English courses
True heavyweighters talk big
Rub my temple like Ouija, call big
Born again and everything is smooth sailin
And when I come around you see the fools bailin
Thank you, thank you, no claps please, and girlies no
kissin me
Diss or pissin me, visit Chinese sicily
Physically, spiritually, lyrically wow
It’s time to fall in love, the time is now


Joe Flizzow-
I’m about to change the focus
From the richest to the brokest
I write this opus, to reverse the hypnosis
JFK in the flesh, Of course I’m fresh
Oh you thought that I was rotten? Huh! I beg your
Ya’ll still love me, never love me not
Mr. Lover Lover, I cannot not be hot
Similar to larva, volcanoes about to blow up
This is Krakatoa, Engulfing towns when she throw up
Arenas sold out, they came too see the made men
Your gig nobody showed up well except for you’re
friends and
How you bite our style, with blatant disregard
We ain’t been here for a while you trying to fill the
vacant spot
You just been here for a while, what the hell you
thinking of
We the originals ya’ll is PS knockoffs
You remain a closet fan, envy and mock us
While we live around the world like ESPN broadcasts
You gotsta love it


I used to be 5'1", 5'3", 5 whatever goes,
Until I met this fly 5'5"in leather clothes,
I mean the seasoned brown jacket with the 5 0,
1 or 5 0 5 dressed to kill a 5 0,
I just met you 5 mins ago,
Introduced to by Joe, you prolly still in the studio,
I swear I seen that pretty shorty before,
And when I find out more, I’ma tell you more,
Peep the sequel...

Joe Flizzow-
She mixed Malay and Latin, fly type of swinger
Twenty karats of her fingers mink on every coat hanger
Misdemeanor pushed a pink Beamer sitting on spinners
The type to change the orthodox to certified sinners
Always dressed to kill, female sicario
Gangster in her blood pops from the barrio
She dressed in parios, don’t need a lotta clothes
Change of scenario, I need to get upclose
And ask her what her interests are and who she be with
Things that make her smile, what numbers to dial
We gonna be here for a while you gone tell ya crew….

Chrous 2

Hey love... that’s what I holla when she come around
Hey love... pretty face, skin coco brown
Hey love... she reminds me of a summer's day
Hey love... that’s my shorty from around the way.

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