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Love That's True Lyrics


Someone who would be true
In search to find someone who would be true
Cause we could use a love thats true
True oooh oooh
Oh dear, scooby doo hoo
Sooby doo hooh

Verse One

Joe Flizzow
I like it y'all I like to y'all
Que chill why dont you set it off

They call me chill, the ladies LOVER
And lookin for the one has cause a lifetime of horror
Yes ladies, yall is the issue
Just gimme your hand cause I aint gonna kiss you
Aint gonna buy you bras, panties or tissues
Aint gonna buy you flowers ain't gonna miss you

Joe Flizzow
Hold on chill, who you on Tina?
The dancer with grace and poise like a ballerina?

Yes, leavin me was so out of character
And now she goin out with my video director

Joe Flizzow
But que chill, there alotta fishes in the ocean
I thought you said looks and brains are natural love

Yes Im a piranha, bit jenny and wanda
Left me for each other, met joe, menaje-troi
Na na aint talkin bout no broads or no drama
All a waste a time I rather do a song for mama

Joe Flizzow
Hmmmm true

Just when I thought I knew, withdrew for something
brand new


Verse Two

Joe Flizzow
These girls look so good but their minds aint ready, I
dont know!
Id rather talk to a woman cos her minds more steady, so
here we go
Im the cold crushing lover, world women supreme
And when it comes to fine girls Im like a love machine
Met a lot of fine girls from around the globe
And some of these hos you might even know

And which actress you bragging bout Rena, Katrina
Dont talk about em, found out that they were swingers
And what Tanya who loved Ice and Hammer

Joe Flizzow
She left me

Damn her

Joe Flizzow
Tell me have you seen her, tell me have you seen her,
have you seen her

Yo chill, cut it off, cut it off, quit the whining man,
that was the past
You lose some you win some and tell the how you do it

Joe Flizzow
Now Im rocking shows got the freshest gear
Pretty women love me like Im Richard Gere

Hmm, true thats why we stay cool for something brand


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