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Snap if you handled your biz and got your shit locked
Snap if you crunk in the club and if the shit rocks
Snap pump your boomin system bumpin hiphop
Snap, snap it one more time now who the loudest here

I’m sittin in my crib dreamin about Lear jets and
The way salt shoops and how to do records with snoop
And make a mil by December
Malique was never gone as far as I remember
I took my time out, I left a hole in the game
They miss me dearly now, hoes hollerin my name
I’m back and fresh again, single and minglin
Women are screamin and creamin, while they jinglin
Cause I’m a boss playa, some call me pimp dad
You got some big curves honey let me pimp that
Primp that, brush my shoulders and limp back
And if your man acts tough, he gon get pimp slapped
Too phat, new albomb is here to blaze
Kids rushin stores like the pit stop of the amazing
Malique is back in your vicinity
The name will stick to your head like the kid who took
your virginity
I said I’m back in your vicinity
The name will stick in your head from 05 until infinity


Joe Flizzow-
This hook, gonna make you look
Too Phat yeah we got you shook, yo
The tables probably booked under JFK
We got phillies yes ladies please sip some moet
A lot of people think that we’d be gone by now
Now how that gonna happen ya’ll should all know by now
This track is hot right now go figure how we do it
I love nive figures, making figures and moving units
Puff La like Luniz that’s how we stay down
This is a treat for my freaks that lay down
Won’t play it down, we coming back real big
We made mens in black vans the whole crew roll thick
Now move on quick we let ya’ll shine too long
Ya songs a minute plus that shit is way too long
Get off the microphone, I’m about to snap and loose my
And quit rapping and get another occupation


Joe Flizzow-
Now its official damn, crush and kill the gossips
No issues man we take the industry for hostage
Now here’re the terms, we back in office for another
You wanna learn, the hard way, to the point of no
You’ll crash and burn if you ain’t the best don’t mess
If you ain’t on top of ya game you know the saying die
like the rest
Aims right on ya chest, you don’t wanna get clapped
You get two thumbs down, two middle fingers man snap
It’s a wrap hoe, not here to rub elbows
Malique and Joe Flizz stick together like Velcro

I like superstars and gucci
Bite superstars and hoochies
**** it, I’m a smoothie, truly
Now who be puffin em doobies while doin phat tracks?
And all the smoochies and groupies, I let you have that
You prolly need that, your album droppin soon
The only fan you got still spinnin in your room
You sittin in the gloom, thinkin it’s a cruel game
And wonder why the ladies love me like I’m cool James
Hush, play attention when I speak
Cause my words make more sense than a beggar in a
crowded street
Too Phat the rebirth, a brand new start
Used to write with my mind, but now I write with my

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