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Metropolis lyrics

Well they finally put that red light up in the heart of town
Took the stop sign down, it was shot up anyhow
One night I ran right through it in my Chevrolet
Both police cars came, but I got away

It was a boomtown back in'62, 'til the coal ran out
And a drought came through, and they dammed the river
That we all used to fish
Population 405 and I made it 404 one night
And left the city limit sign layin' in the ditch
Run plumb over it, leavin' Metropolis

Well, I found myself in a big high-rise with a concrete yard
It ain't safe after dark, guess this ol' boy drove too far
Met a girl, fell in love, got married and she's due in May
Says we're gonna need more space, I said I know just the place

Where we can walk down to the country store
And we won't even have to lock our door
We can still get air and water there for free
She said that sounds good to me

It was a boomtown back in '62, 'til the coal ran out
And a drought came through, and they dammed the river
That we all used to fish
Poupulation 404 and when we pull in it'll be 3 more
And there's a city limit sign layin' in the ditch
That I need to fix, back in Metropolis
I'm almost in Metropolis
And I'm back in Metropolis

Song writer(s): Chris Allen Wallin, R. Anthony Smith
Official Trace Adkins website: traceadkins.com

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Trace Adkins - Songs About Me
is the track #9 from the album Songs About Me which is released on 2005-03-22. Genre: Country | Record Label: 2004, 2005 Capitol Records Nashville All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws Manufactured by Capitol Rec
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