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Four Girls Lyrics

(Listen, September is rolling her eyes
Listen, antennas with low level lies.)
One thousand clowns, rode into town
came here and said "give me something now"
Four girls, four worlds, four more
My boyfriend is broken shells hang from her neck.
My girl's friend is loaded she burns Martian Red.
(Roses & roses & gasoline wine
Listen when summer is glowing on time)
Jack rabbit was cooking in the kitchen there
One thousand clowns walked in without a care
Four girls, four worlds, four more
to make it all worthwhile.
Smoking on my couch blood dripping
from their mouth
One thousand clowns traveled north, east, west & south.
Four girls, four worlds, four more
to make it all worthwhile
to make it all worthwhile

Song writer(s): Hiro Yamamoto, Mark Pickerel, Robert Roth

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