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I'm A Fool Wit It Lyrics

imma tilt my cup
imma blow my trees
imma ride twenty sevens
summins under my capris
imma fool wit it
stuntin for da broads
catch hate from da guyz
steal smackin caddy dos
but not a suicide
imma fool wit it
(verse 1)
twisted black half man half beast
white teeth with the penatentry crease in it
you might catch me in some air force ones
in da benz wit a plate dat says air force one
lil bitty street dude
known for my wordplay
dr. doolittle i'm hearin what
da birds say 'twisted'
blow yo wig back like a hair do
bullet wound right up on my jaw don't let it scare you
this one's for the radio so read between the lines
imma type a guy to lay a beat between ya eyes
representin texas but i aint gotta grill
catch me in da field i gotta pay off these bills
i aint gotta be cussin to still be street (why?)
cause i'm pavement from head to my feet
lots to be done best believe i'm there
i'm the f double o l wit it i swear


(verse 2)
now who else hit da club in da all white pink
lead me outside so i wore my four wink
shittin on these niggas so much that i stink
so many diamonds makin everybody blink
44 mag and my dickie pants low
big niggas lookin like look man throw
hot h deuce got tens on my toes
the rolls royce piece got my chest hairs froze
not a bad broad hit the bar like a star
made a u-turn like i'm ridin in da car
eased up on her so she could see my scar
started spittin up game and in stuck like tar
idk where ya from better yet where ya goin
maybe see ya coat got ya lookin like it snowin
pop my collar cause i'm already knowin lifes good
if ya would you can join


(verse 3)
da rims keep spinnin when ya stoppin at da light
den ya a fool wit it
if ya runnin round robin cause ya cash ain't right
den ya a fool wit it
if ya got windows droppin 4 or 5 screens
ya a fool wit it
if ya sleepin at da light cause ya goin on a lean
den ya a fool wit it
twisted black and im da last to go
too place to track homie hit da gas and go
i aint met a cat yet dat can match my swag
i aint met a cat tough enough to catch my mag
im the truth in the proof call me genesis one
imma preach da gospel like da ministers son
i ain't lyin one bit ya'll can check my rec
hit da pen back to back and i aint lost my stack

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Twisted Black - Street Fame
is the track #12 from the album Street Fame which is released on 2007-03-06. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2007 The Orchard
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