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Turn Back The Hands Of Time Lyrics

(Jack Daniels/Bonnie Thompson)
Oh darling I'm so lonely without you
Can't sleep at night always think about you
But if I had the chance to start all over
I would be wishing today on a four leaf clover
And leaving you with the last thing on my mind
If I could turn back the hands of time

Oh darling I can't hold out much longer
Oh the pain's so deep and the hurt is getting stronger
But if I had just one more try
I would be yours, yours alone until the day I die
and we would have a love so divine
If I could turn back the hands of time

Oh darling please, please let me come back home
Your love has been so good to me baby
And I just relied without it
I can't go on and you're the other half
That makes my life complete

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Tyrone Davis - For the Good Times
is the track #6 from the album For the Good Times which is released on 1995-06-27. Genre: R&B/Soul | Record Label: 1995 DM Records
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