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Queen Of Darkness Lyrics


I walk like a deadly threat
That has come to change your style
I can feel the taste of candy red
Behind a perfect shallow smile

Now what can you offer me
I don't know and I can pay
But if I give you this ticket for free
Can you guarantee me no betrayal


I'm in this strange old circus
When will I ever learn
Its not a place to focus
On that final, last u-turn

So be my blind and crippled guide
And show me how to live
In this game i know called seek and hide
where i'd rather take than give


I'm an angel
I kill first borns while their mothers watch
I turn cities into salt
I even
When I feel like it
Rip the souls from little girls
And from now untill kingdom come
The only thing you can count on
Is never understanding why


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Ugress - Resound
is the track #2 from the album Resound which is released on 2003-06-06. Genre: Electronic | Record Label: 2002 Port Azur
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