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Holding On Lyrics

Oh I'm so close to giving up
While I am staring at the ceiling
Cause it's too much I've had enough
And I don't think I'm strong enough
To survive this fear, I hope I disappear.

Cause we're lost in this empty place
When all we wanna do is walk away
Caught in an endless race
Searching for saving grace
And everytime you call out don't look down
Cause there's hope and I want you to know
You're better than it all so hold on
Cause you don't have to fall

All alone I pace the shadows
Can I face another minute of this life
So many things that I wanna be
So many dreams that I wanna see
So desperately, to save me from the neverending


It's so hard to see the strength in me
I wonder am I breathing?
I'm beggin please don't give up on me
My heart's still beating alone
But I'm still bleeding, don't let go of me.


Oh I'm so close to giving up but I, I can't let this fall.

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Under The Flood - Alive In the Fire
is the track #7 from the album Alive In the Fire which is released on 2010-06-15. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2012 Join or Die Records, LLC
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