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Headset Lyrics

(I'm looking for you)
(In the spaces between)
Oh, no
(Travelling to find you)
Oh, no
(More wonderful than my imagination)

A woman told me
Her breath smelled of fish
And smiled
(Searching the world for you)
(Isolated entranced)
Oh, no

(Like I always see you)
That should be today
(Travelling space)

I met a man who told me
his passion was fountain pens
(I'm close to you like this)

He told me
(More wonderful than my imagination)
If the bailiffs came
They could take his house
As long as they left his fountain pens
(More wonderful than my imagination)

He said
I'll live in a cardboard box
And take my fountain pens
Oh, no

A woman passed me on the street
Talking into her cell phone
Enjoy your lasagne she said

Today, we shouted a lot
But eventually, it made us happy

Last night, tt was a disaster
Today, we are two steps away from disaster

I'm tired but I'm happy


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