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Motives For Arson Lyrics

Can’t find the words to say to you, can’t find the heart to feel for you
I can’t hide it, you mean nothing to me
And as time goes on my hatreds growing stronger everyday
And if a house represented your life then I’d burn it down tonight
And draw the shadow of my face with the remains

I may be tired but not defeated
I’ll give it all til I get what I deserve to see
Revenge, enough to get me by through the darkness tonight
I’m moving onward to feel completed
You gave me your best shot I gave you what I came for
Revenge enough to satisfy the hate I have tonight

What a great start, a plan of mending
A perfect start to another morbid ending
Now we’re face to face with no more patience
A battle lost is a battle won in this case
You fear that times consumption sees through your words
A blank thought thats raised confusion inside your world

Time stands still when your words confused and your running out of things to say
I’ve seen you hold your head up high, I’ve seen you fall to the ground
Now I’ve seen you burn alive as you fell to the fires in hell.

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Up For Nothing - Twelve Stories Down
is the track #6 from the album Twelve Stories Down which is released on 2011-03-25. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2011 Up For Nothing
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