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How Much Lyrics

(Mariah..feat Usher)

Usher: Oh ba-by I don't think you know just, just how
much_I love you. Have you ever felt lone-ly when you know
you got-ta leave me? That's how much I love you That's
how much I love you
Mariah: The way I feel for you I can't describe
Usher: lt's almost too intense To verbalize
Mariah: (Dut dut dut dut) Essentially you're all I'm
living for And basically each day I need you more and
Usher: and more
CHORUS: Mariah: Have you even been so enamored baby?
Usher: That's how much I love you. Mariah: All I need in
this life, you see Is me and my boyfriend Usher: Me and
my girl_friend Have you ever feit lost When you know you
gotta leave me That's how much I love you
Love is yours and mine Till the
Usher: That's how much I love you.
Mariah: very end. Just me and my boyfriend
Don't underestimate the love in me

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