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Kangaroo Lyrics

There's something going
in the air tonight
and we all know why it is
kids are boppin' around
we're all feeling allright
and we all know why it is
what's the use in stayin'
at the status quo ?
dare to go !

Something's flying in the air tonight
something all the kids wanna do
go stagedivin' in the air tonight
dare to go !

I know some bigshots who complain
about the kids who dive
and I don't know why they do it
feel free to dive when we're playin' live
can't see no reason not to do it
what's the use in fighting
in the front now ?
dare to go !


don't mind your face when you're in the boppin' race
jump off the stage
like a kangaroo in a rage !


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Venerea - Shake Your Swollen Booty
is the track #1 from the album Shake Your Swollen Booty which is released on 2001-04-02. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 1995 Venerea
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