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00:00 (Zero Hour) Lyrics

Oh my God!
Are you scared?
The end’s about to begin
Your shaking too badly to stand
You’ve squandered your chances
And buried them in the sand

The fear is infectious
Your mind seems contentious
The look in your eyes say your trembling
So hold on
You’re not safe here

There’s no one to save you
No haven to run to
The ground that you stand on is crumbling
So hold on
You’re not safe

So get up, so get up!

If you want to believe
That what you’ve done has been forgotten
Whatever helps you sleep at night
Breathe easy knowing
That your life is out of your hands
Whatever helps you sleep at night

Oh my God!
Oh it‘s here
The end’s about to begin
We’ve got to move quickly, you hear?
I said this was crucial
So wake up and hold your tears

And just this once
I’ll hold your hand
All the world has frozen in a glance
Just this once

You’re living a broken lie
You’re living a broken life
You’re living a broken lie
Oh I’ve been waiting so patiently
For this day to finally come and it’s here
Now drop down to your knees

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Versus The Ocean - Evolve
is the track #1 from the album Evolve which is released on 2011-01-24. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2011 Versus the Ocean
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