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Happening Lyrics


this is what we wanted
this is where we ought to be
is it really? really happening?
This is what we live for
this is where we ought to be
is it really? really happening?

my overcoat wants something more,
it wants to help me out,
but it's getting in the way today
my scarf is wet, my neck is drenched,
i don't accept what it recommends,
my wool socks too, they feel abused,
each toe is suffering,
keep wiggling 'em, stretching em'
just wanna keep things moving


the silver spoons we hold can't feed the hands that
follow, oh will that shine so low can't break back
through its shadow

{chorus duet}

everything's on the fly, can't keep it a float
everything is a mess, are things really awful?
is this really, really happening?
the phone shouldn't ring,the candles won't burn, the
energy won't stop cuz things are really moving
oh is this really, really happening x4


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Via Audio - Animalore
is the track #12 from the album Animalore which is released on 2010-03-09. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2010 Undertow Music Collective
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