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Im a beast
Watcha noe,
Watcha noe, watcha noe bout V.I.C. (x2)
Im a beast
Im a animal = Chorus
Im a animal
Im a animal (x2)

They be calling my label
Asking where they find me
Because theres nothing comparing
Theres nothing thats like me
In addition to claims
A recencell decline me
Gotta helk in my artist
Here to adjust decline it
Im a beast
Who they running to
Who you running to
It dont matter where you running i will find you
You better hope you recencell me from itunes
Cause when i drop yall cool
Im hot yall cool
New anthem new beats i rule
No hula no class just straight school
And i cant skip lunch cause they food
Yall cant win cause i cant loose
Like fifty i create more jirule
Im killing this game so blind as
Its so clear to its my time


Fyi room by V.I.C. come dominate
The game so dont come trying,
This here beat of the chain
Im feeling another part of reality
Hit when i represent the V.I.C.
Straight from the cp im feeling
Like im in Iraq i see allot of blood spilling
Im killing niggas one by one and im filling
Like father like son yah
My daddy was a king
So im a king
Dont act dont play
Man you know what that means
I dacrow i am debow
Now im here im king
Im running things now
Im stealing like daddy
What you gona do bout it
Im goin for the steals my do i got it


V.I.C. is hard (x3)
V.I.C. is hard as hell
V.I.C. is hard (x3)
V.I.C. is hard as hell


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V.i.c. - Beast
is the track #1 from the album Beast which is released on 2008-08-26. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2007, 2008 Reprise Records for the U S and WEA International Inc for the world outside the U S
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