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Hormones In The Headphones Lyrics

(I'm) workin' like a robot. I'm plugged into the
Cuttin' through the static tracking' anything that
And then I get a message a two-way radio.
I hear it in my headphones everywhere I go.
Big beat... talkin' to me.

I got the hormones in the headphones streaming down
into my backbone.
I got the hormones in the headphones gonna bring them
back to you.

Receiving a signal. it's getting' through to me
Sweet imagination. It's the thing that sets me free
I can program you; you can program me...
Body electric. I think we do agree
Machine language talkin' to me...


(Bass solo)

(Chorus)...So, open up and let it in. Let the
reprogramming begin.



Acting like a robot, articulated fool
Your level is so hot, attitude super cool
Your message is so clear. All conditions go
Electron flow, angel, make my video
My memory is talkin' to me

So open up and let it in...

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Victor Wooten - Yin-Yang
is the track #11 from the album Yin-Yang which is released on 1999-06-22. Genre: Jazz | Record Label: 1999 Compass Records
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