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Go With It Lyrics

Three o’clock and still awake,
Winding back each dumb mistake.
Every slip replayed,
Words not said, Moves not made.

Five o’clock the sky comes grey,
Another wash, another day,

Just another life, it’s true,
But particularly yours, particularly you.

If you have a dream, go with it,
Feel the slightest hint, go with it.

What is there to loose?
Do you dare, dare to choose?

I have wasted years behaving
In a way I thought was proper,

And it’s hard to do.
No-one cared. No-one knew.

Bus to work, paper shop,
Will it alter, will it stop?

Take the time to feel,
Is this for you? Is this for real?

Horoscope, your new campaign,
Not so bad, I can’t complain,

But you do feel bad somehow,
Particularly here, particularly now.

You can struggle on believing,
Other people have the answers.

Even if they do,
It wouldn’t help. It couldn’t help you.

You may feel there’s more to follow,
Some eternal life. I don’t feel that.

All there is is now.
You can’t choose when. You can choose how.

If you have a dream, go with it,
Feel the slightest breeze, then follow,

Follow all the way,
Save yourself from just another day.

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