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St. Stephen's Cross Lyrics

He was there the night the wall came down.
He lost her in the endless crowd,
In the shadow of St. Stephen's cross.
He sent cries aloft for his fellow man,
His fingers slipping from her hand,
The rain clouds prowling overhead.

She was there the night the wall came down.
She faded into that newborn crowd
Like a warning of what could be lost.
Through the perforated night she ran,
Her fingers slipping from his hand,
And she breathed in freedom
Before daylight tread.

They were there the night the wall was drowned
In the surging of that tidal crowd:
An old world made new
On the same holy ground.
She found him standing, looking lost
In the shadow of St. Stephen's cross,
And he closed his eyes and heard no sound
But her breathing warm against his mouth.

Song writer(s): Vienna Teng
Official Vienna Teng website: viennateng.com

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Vienna Teng - Inland Territory
is the track #12 from the album Inland Territory which is released on 2009-02-06. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2009 Rounder Records Manufactured and distributed by Concord Music Group
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