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Oh a gun can be a twenty-two Or a thirty-eight and it will silence you Dear sir That is a silencer But if you should see a lady who Has the kind of waist that measures twenty-two And she's thirty-eight Where it is great To measure thirty-eight Dear sir She is a silencer Dear sir I'm her I don't use a knife don't need a gun My equipment is a lot more deadly son Dear sir I am a silencer And if you're a man not made of wood When I flip my hips I'll quiet you for good Let me brush your lips And crush your lips And nicely hush your lips Dear sir I am a silencer Dear sir Don't stir Don't move Relax Loosen your tie Turn out the light Take off your shoes Don't fight Lean back Relax relax relax relax relax Dear sir

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Vikki Carr - The Best of Vikki Carr: It Must Be Him
is the track #8 from the album The Best of Vikki Carr: It Must Be Him which is released on 1992. Genre: Latin | Record Label: Compilation 1992 Capitol Records, LLC All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws Manufactured by Capitol Cat
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