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Devilish Lyrics

childhood started with a smile good
back when dad had a little dough and still lived in my hood
before the coke sniffing episodes
back then he broke shit when letting go, packing the smoke in his
leather though, it helped him calm down but I let it go
cause I know he didnt mean to let mom down
they went a long round I lay by the night light
daddy gone now I know that something aint quite right
summers in dominican republic playing baseball
and I used to love it outside living rugged
bugging all fun and games, my cousin said its all gonna change
once you get tall and come of age
getting play in the seventh grade
no one worried bout getting AIDS , getting a job or getting paid
ya'll come with me lemme take a trip
as I reminisce, upon my childish innocence

"puffin L's laid back enjoying the smell" I take another hit
cause it aint hard to tell
lord forgive me if I reminesce , while I sit and wish, we wasnt living so devilish. [x2]

Started high school as a young high fool
writing graffitti dodging needy cats with nine tools
skipping class, rolling spliffs with hash
trying ta get some ass with my grades slipping fast
couldnt get my thoughts tight, cause my karma was not right
my man cut a brother arm like butter on a hot knife
I saw white meat and start to shiver by the Charles River
where we all would tip the bottle sip and scar our liver
we would play hard, party at the grave yard
way far up at the tower dodging the late guard
poly with a "J" sparked , head at JFK park
put nutrition in the brains of chickens till they smart
and even friends fall apart so are they fam?
life is hard dog your gone if you dont make plans
so lets shake hands and wish, while I reminisce
over beef know that we can settle this

[Hook x4]

Since I hit twenty-one, lifes gotten funny son
wherever the money come, thats where all the honeys run
nobody is friends and if they are it's probably pretend
a plot for some ends, for cash cats body they men
one love to Benny Rosa shot him and then, shot up his friend
bodies have been, buried never saw them again
damn I get worried cause Jeff Curly met his death early
how many people dying why and who's the next thirty
Cambridge rep for me, open up my chest fully
heart on my lapel, it's so hard being Miguel
to see you gelatin, see through irrelevant
feeble intelligence, people thats selling hits
while my raps slave to grind the cats made to rhyme
we pass major minds with cash made in time
but until this yo I still wish
as I chill and reminisce that we wasn't livin' so devilish

[Hook: Repeat Out]

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Virtuoso - Word War II: Evolution of the Torturer
is the track #2 from the album Word War II: Evolution of the Torturer which is released on 2010. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2010 Big Bang Records
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