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I know (I know) that Jesus loves me
And I know (I know) that He gave His life for me
I know (I know) that He save'a my soul
And wrote my name on the roll
Well I know for sure that I was lost, now I'm found
And now I know that I'm Heaven bound
And I know (I know) for sure (For sure)
And I know that I know that I know

Well it's not by works that I have done
But it's not just my imagination
That I've got this blessed assurance, a peace down deep
in my soul
My God gave up His precious Son
To secure my soul's salvation
Now I'm standing on His promises
Believin' every word that He says, mm yes well

Repeat Chorus

Well it's not that I have earned it
And be sure I don't deserve it
But I've been born into a Heavenly family
A royal nationality
My God above is my Father
And the King of King's, my elder brother
And nothing on earth will ever worry me
I'm living for eternity, oh yeah and

Repeat Chorus (x2)

Oh yes, I know (I know) for sure (for sure)
And I know that I know that I know
You better believe that I know (I know) for sure (for
And I know that I know that I know (that I know, that I
know, that I know)

Scriptural Reference:

"I know that when I come to you, I will come in the
full measure of the blessing of Christ." Romans 15:29

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Vocal Union - Once Upon a Tree
is the track #1 from the album Once Upon a Tree which is released on 2005-08-02. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 2000 The Acappella Company
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