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I Could Rule The World Lyrics

"I Could Rule The World, If I Could Only Get The Parts"
(Chris Butler, Tin Huey Music (c) 1978)
Jealousy, Jealousy
Got a dream for a dream
Out of tin cans & string
Build it, build it
But I need a few things
Step up to the counter
Hand the man a sheet
"Everything's on back order
Already obsolete. But we got..."
[Mars Williams does amazing things on saxaphone]
I could rule the world
If I could only get the parts
It's a beautiful idea
It'll be a first
A thousand and one uses
And easy on the purse
Army surplus army
Bits of this, bits of that
String balls, string balls
Scrap pack rat
[Mars Williams does things on saxaphone you wouldn't think were possible]
The concept is so simple
Ahead of its time
But what I need they don't make
And what I want is hard to find
But you got...
I could rule the world
If I could only get the parts

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