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The Appalachian Trail Lyrics

Capo to key of A
G Bm C G
1) Down at Springer Mountain I learned a thing or two,
G Em C D
Just a greenhorn city boy, starting out brand new,
C Bm G Em
I'd been feeling disconnected, kind of lost along the
G Bm C D
But the first step that I took, found me coming home
that day.
C Bm G Em
Chorus: The Appalachian Trail was where it all began,
C Am C D
That's where this boy first learned, to call himself a
C Bm G Em

It was the wind that taught me how to spread my wings,
C Am D G C G
It was the path, that led me on to other things.
G Bm C G
2) It's funny how just spirit will see you through hard
G Em C D
The blisters pain and freezin rain, and frozen boots
were mine,
C Bm G Em
I look back now and think of how I could have thrown it
G Bm C D
But the one who stands before you now, just never would
have been.
(Repeat Chorus)
3) I still spend my days out walkin with the wind,
Now there's silver in my beard, and my hair is gettin
They say life is a circle and we'll all come round
If that's so, I'm looking for my Appalachian friends.
(Final Chorus)

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is the track #7 from the album Oh, What a Life which is released on 1996. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 1996 Wild Wind Records
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