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Red Alert Lyrics

Captain's log
And we're all out of beer
And we drank the last Tranya
About a light year from here
Now the crew's gettin' restless
And my throat's getting dry
If we don't re-supply
Said we're all gonna die
Captain's log
And I'm getting the shakes
'Cause there's no liquor stores out here
In the middle of space
Now the crew's getting angry
Especially Spock
Vulcans get kind of ugly
When they go through detox

Ain't got time now to be discreet
Disobeying orders from star fleet
Set a course now and don't divert
And bring this f***** to - red alert

Captain's log
Just scored some ale
It's new and it's blue baby
And we got it on sale
Now we can boldly go where we want in the final
Not to search for life
But to search for beer

Don't wanna sing now or play guitar
I wanna get drunk in a seedy bar
Get in a fight and kill a red shirt
And bring this f***** to - red alert

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Warp 11 - Red Alert
is the track #1 from the album Red Alert which is released on 2002-12-13. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2002 Reboot Music
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