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Come Home With Me Lyrics

Oh girl, come dance with me, and be my lady

Come drive with me, down the empty streets,
We'll joke and talk, I'll find a place,
I'll lay you down, amongst the heather,
I'll kiss your mouth

When we're alone, romance, it tastes so sweet,
You look so good, come hold me now,
From the inside out, I'll hold your heart

All I can say is come home with me, come home with me,
Come home with me, home with me,

Come home with me

If you leave me now, I'm going to go home again
All alone, I'll light a fire, I'll watch you in the
The fire's for you, it's for you


I once knew, you would always be there,
But now that know what's on the way , and
I do, believe it's true and so tell me now
To stay

I'll lay you down, amongst the heather,
I'll kiss your mouth


Song writer(s): Craig Warren Hinds, Brian O'shea
Official Watershed website: waterpukes.squarespace.com

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