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Chill in my bones
Chill in the air
Do you think that I haven't been around boy
I wasn't born yesterday

Coming home late at night
Flowers on the doorstep
Tryin' to make it right
Boy, You've got a thick hide
Is all I've got to say - I've got to say

I've done all I can
I've given you every chance to prove you are my man
Now there's nothing left to lose

Im free
Like the wind
Independant once again
Yeah I am gone
I've gotta be moving on

Free watch me fly
Lift your hands and wave bye bye
cos I am gone
Gotta be moving on

Moving moving moving on
Moving moving moving on
Moving moving moving on
Moving on

I think I'll go to the mall
Make a couple of calls
Gonna hang with the girls
Just to keep from crying on his shoulder

Ain't gonna turn back
Nothing you can say can change
That feeling you get
When you know that its finally
Finally over

Ive made up my ind
Even though it hurts to leave your love behind
Ive got nothing left to lose


Sometimes you got to do what you gotta do
Even if you heart is trying to tell you to
a little bit longer
Tell you to try a little bit harder

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Wendy Matthews - Beautiful View
is the track #2 from the album Beautiful View which is released on 2001-07-17. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2001 Sony Music Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd
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