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Start My Cellar Again Lyrics

That was the longest weekend on record
And Friday seems like a year ago
There are broken glasses all over the place
And you've gone home

You know that I love you nearly every day
Looks like I'm going to have to
Start my cellar again

You deserve better
Maybe I am the best for you right now

Tuesday is on the phone again
But I got a couple of days to get well
And then we'll start our engines again
Try and ignore where we fell

You deserve better
Maybe I am the best for you right now
Or you could try leave the anchor
Where you left it

Yeah and I want an intervention
But no one has got the guts
I suppose we can hide a lot from our friends
Me? I just don't come home from lunch

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Whitlams - Torch the Moon
is the track #9 from the album Torch the Moon which is released on 2002-07-21. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2002 Black Yak Records
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