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Forgiveness Lyrics

Chasing shadows, got nothing left, I’ll fight an army, I’ll catch my
What I needed was somewhere to go, somewhere where I could
listen to the water flow

Looking back I never wanted to be that, only child I never want to see
Only love can change my mind and only hate can chill these binds

Looking back I said I never want to see that, lonesome child I never
want to be that
Only Forgiveness can heal this hurt and only your flight can free this

Love me. Love me, Love me again

The lead is lost, you turned the cheek, I made a mistake, now here
the plea
Want I needed was somewhere to hide, somewhere in your arms,
that I could confide

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Wille & The Bandits - Grow
is the track #10 from the album Grow which is released on 2013-10-14. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2013 Wille and the Bandits
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