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Lonely Little Mansion Lyrics

(I'm a lonely little mansion for sale)
Furnished with everything but love
I'm looking for someone to come live with me
I've got a large picture window
And a yard filled with trees
The sign reads two stories
And that's all that's for sale
But there's so many stories I could tell
My windows are closed and I'm gasping for air
My carpets are spotted
With tear stains here and there
A torn photograph still lies on my floor
And two sweethearts don't live here anymore
I'm a lonely little mansion for sale
And for someone I'd fit just like a glove
I'm a lonely little mansion for sale
Furnished with everything but love

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Willie Nelson - The Early Years
is the track #35 from the album The Early Years which is released on 1994-05-03. Genre: Country | Record Label: Compilation 1994 Capitol Records Nashville All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws Manufactured by Nashvi
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