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When I Get Home Lyrics

Oh it's been so long
since i held you in my arms
nights go on like they'll never end
so i hope you read every word i send
i could say how i want you to keep me
warm through the long lonely nights
i could say it's so easy if you would only see me
honey when i get home

feel like i got a fever
with my eyes i still see her
everywhere i try to go
you follow me just like a ghost
i'll lick the stamp one more time
just so you know it's mine
i could say it's so easy
if you could only be with me
honey when i get home

so just one more night
i finally fall asleep
one more night on this greyhound sea
everything is gonna be re-arranged
everything is gonna be changed
honey when i get home
honey when i get home
honey when i get home

Song writer(s): Willy de Ville, van Morrison
Official Willy Deville website: www.willydevillemusic.com

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Willy Deville - Pistola
is the track #3 from the album Pistola which is released on 2008-02-04. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 2007 Eagle Records
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