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Astronaut Lyrics

"Do you still believe in God?"
Said the Preacher to the astronaut
I heard it's kind of lonesome there
Nothin to talk to but a cold, cold air

Tell me, tell me what was it like?
Did meaning fall from that celestial night?
Did it wrap you up in conversation?
Did it leave you like some ineffible nothin?

Are you feelin alright? right, right.
In the blink of a falshing, blinding light.

Are you feelin alright?
Did you ever really feel anythin?
Tell me are ya gonna come back?
Do you really think that you're one of them?

They're gonna hunt you, they're gonna cut you
They're gonna open up your body and stuff you
Till you say it's written, till you make the payments
Leave ya heavin in the twigs and the toxic

There's nothin inside. Inside, inside
Tell me are the words still paralyzed? Lies, lies, lies.
In the blink of a flashin blindin light.

Song writer(s): Amanda Palmer
Official Wintersleep website: wintersleep.com

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Wintersleep - Welcome to the Night Sky
is the track #7 from the album Welcome to the Night Sky which is released on 2007-09-24. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2008 SONIC RECORDS LTD
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