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You Made Me A Woman Lyrics

Chorus 1:
I can make it on my own
can do it by myself
'cause you made me a woman
I'm ready for you
and the world has changed today
I'm comin' back to life
and everything makes sense now.

Chorus 2:
Lately I've been pushing you away
and still you've been there for me all the time
I guess I was not ready then.
I didn't know love before I met your eyes
that day I had a vision of my life
I was so scared but you
Gave me a new heart.


Say we can start it all again
from the vision that we had
it's all in your eyes

(Chorus 1 2x, with Chorus 2 in background)

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Winx Club - You Made Me a Woman
is the track #1 from the album You Made Me a Woman which is released on 2010-06-04. Genre: Children's Music | Record Label: 2010 Rainbow Media Pte Ltd
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