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Tug Of War Lyrics

Captivate. You're captivating at best. You're pulling at my neck. My neck. Lead astray. Taking me by the hand. Show me the way. I tried so hard to leave. I tried so fucking hard to go. The memories lost and the promises broken. Broken by your actions. What were you thinking. I thought I knew you better. Lost in translation. The words that hang from your lips. Carry me. Did you think I wouldn't see right through you. The memories lost and promises broken. It's not too late to look back. The memories of me and you are all that I have to look for. It's not too late to look back. It's not too late to look back now. It's not too late. I regret. I regret all of my words. I'll take it all back. Love is nothing. Tragedy. Tragedy will only bring us down. You're always coming out on top. You're always coming out on top when you should be six feet under. Fuck the memories. Where lip-locked lovers die. Burn the pictures of our past. I had to see it die. Incisions have reached their point. Erase the loaded past. Burn the pictures of our past. I had to see it die. If I could I'd break every camera in your face and then we'd see who's beautiful now.

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Within The Ruins - Empires - EP
is the track #4 from the album Empires - EP which is released on 2009. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2009 Within The Ruins
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