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(I'm young Khalifa. I'm young, I'm young Khalifa.)-repeated in

Hahahahah yeah man. Okay. Hahahahah yeah (DJ Ill WIll)

All about my money, if you not I'll see you later.
I take out the first two letters and say hahah to you haters.
I got rooms with elevators. Yeah they say I'm futuistic.
Got an iPhone for business but this sidekick's for the bitches.

Yeah, bitch. Okay

Stupid swaggered up, niggas mad at us.
All my niggas rep that gang.
And my bitch she bad as fuck.
Hair down her back, religion always true.
My president is black. My head coach coach too ooo
(DJ Rockstar)


Tatted like a Mexican, fresher than a freshman.
Pocket full of Benjamins, how much ain't a question.
Wouldn't believe how many older women that be crushin'.
Never quick to make a scene, to me it's really nothin'.

And that's me hahaha I do dis shit yeah. Well okay.

Calim your flows insane but niggas not so sick.
Let himm heat up for I eat up.
Hope the pot don't stick.
And my knots don't fit, but my jeans do.
Apologize for shittin' on you niggas.
I ain't mean to. I see life in plain view.
I'm lookin' out the window.
Lickin' swisher tips and a bitch to fluff my pillow.
California trips got me on some different swag.
If you ain't no who I was, I bet you you know it now.

Yeah bitch, it's taylor gang or die. Taylor gang over everythang. Fuck
hos everywhere we go. This shit you burn after you roll. Hahahahahah
DJ Ill Will let's go.

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